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Moment Group’s aim is to be one of the leading players in shaping the future of the experience industry. The Group operates in four business areas with the twin aims of growing within existing segments and opening up new business areas. Our ambition for growth is explicit and interesting acquisition opportunities are evaluated on an ongoing basis. This resulted in the 2017 acquisition by Moment Group of the brand engagement agency Minnesota Communication and the Ballbreaker activity centre, leading to growth of 22 per cent for the Group in 2017. The next acquisition was carried out in June 2018 – the activity centre STAR Bowling.

Read more below about the three acquisitions made since 2017. If you have a business in the experience industry that would be a good fit in our Group, you are more than welcome to contact me.


Josefin Dalum
acting CEO/Group CFO



Three acquisitions carried out since February 2017

Acquisition in 2018 – STAR BOWLING

STAR Bowling was acquired on 19 June 2018. STAR is an activity centre with an associated high-class food and beverage operation. It has a floor space of 3000 sq. m and a capacity for up to 780 guests. STAR is located in the centre of Gothenburg and has been a popular meeting place since 2004.

Moment Group’s CEO had the following to say about the acquisition:

“As we acquire yet another well-managed, successful activity centre – this time located in Sweden’s second city – we’re further strengthening our position in a segment where we see great potential for continued growth.” Pelle Mattisson, CEO/Group CEO Moment Group

Acquisition number 1 in 2017 – MINNESOTA COMMUNICATION

Minnesota Communication was acquired on 1 February 2017. Minnesota Communication was founded as an event agency 16 years ago and operates today within Brand Engagement. Its business concept is to create a sense of participation and commitment through meetings, experiences and digital solutions.

Moment Group’s CEO had the following to say about the acquisition:

“With its focus on Brand Engagement, Minnesota has successfully occupied an exciting position in the event industry. Now that they’re able to operate within our experience group, we’ll be able to leverage the full scope of their skills, established customer relationships and geographic distribution throughout the Nordics. This acquisition means we’re taking the next step in our expansion plan.” Pelle Mattisson, CEO/Group CEO Moment Group

Acquisition number 2 in 2017 – BALLBREAKER

Ballbreaker was acquired on 1 November 2017. Ballbreaker is a modern activity centre with an associated food and beverage operation and a floor space of 3900 sq. m located on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. The centre has a capacity of 900 guests, for whom there is dinner seating for 300.

Moment Group’s CEO had the following to say about the acquisition:

“Moment Group’s growth strategy is based on developing existing business areas and successively expanding the operation into new segments within the experience industry. The acquisition of Ballbreaker means we’re entering a new, exciting segment based on guests taking an active part in their experience together with their friends, colleagues and families.” Pelle Mattisson, CEO/Group CEO Moment Group