Nomination committee

According to the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, listed companies must have a nomination committee that represents the shareholders. The nomination committee is thus the AGM body for preparing the adoption of certain appointment decisions at the AGM. At the AGM meeting of 4 May 2021, the meeting adopted instructions for Moment Group’s Nomination Committee; in short it states:

The number of members and how they are appointed:

The nomination committee must comprise four members, one of whom is to be appointed chairman. The three largest shareholders according to Euroclear Sweden’s list each appoint one member to the committee, whereupon the owner relationship refers to the date as 31 August. If any of the three largest shareholders waives the right to appoint a member to the nomination committee, the next largest shareholder will be given the opportunity to appoint a member to the committee. If a member leaves the committee prematurely, a new member must, where possible, be appointed by the same shareholder. If the above-mentioned shareholders waive their right to appoint members to the nomination committee, the next largest shareholders who have not already appointed member to the nomination committee, must be given the opportunity to do so. Moment Group’s Chairman of the Board must be a member of the nomination committee In addition to the members appointed by the three largest shareholders.

The nomination committee comprises the following members:

Per Taube 
Bo Wallblom
Mark Hoffman
Leif West (Chairman of the Board)

Shareholders who wish to submit matters to the 2022 AGM may contact the nomination committee no later than 15 January 2022 by sending an email to