Corporate governance

Moment Group AB is a public limited company whose governance is based on both external and internal rules and regulations. The Board has drawn up and adopted policy documents aimed at establishing guidelines for company operations. The documents provide guidance for the organisation and its employees based on the fundamental values and principles that must characterize operations and conduct. Moment Group applies the Swedish corporate governance code (the code).

The overall objective is to add value for shareholders and by doing so meet owner requirements for invested capital. Moment Group’s central external and internal policy documents are the Swedish Companies act, Nasdaq Stockholm’s rules for issuers, the Swedish corporate governance code (the code), the articles of association adopted by the AGM, the Board’s rules of procedure, instructions for Board committees, instructions for the CEO including instructions for financial reporting and policies adopted by the Board. Moment group’s Board is responsible for the company’s affairs. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day administration of the company takes place according to the Board’s guidelines and instructions. Additionally, in consultation with the Chairman of the Board, the CEO draws up the agendas of Board meetings and is in general responsible for producing information and decision support data for the Board.

For more information please contact:

Martin du Hane
acting CEO Moment Group