Financial targets

Growth target
Moment Group’s target is to increase sales by 10 per cent annually over the business cycle.

The growth target is measured on a pro rata basis and is achieved through a combination of organic growth, acquisitions and revenue synergies.

Operating margin
Moment Group’s target is for the EBIT margin to reach 6 per cent over the business cycle.

Operating margin is measured on a pro rata basis and is created by developing each business area and is boosted by revenue and expense synergies within the Group, and by acquisitions.

Net indebtedness/EBITDA
Moment Group’s goal is for net indebtedness/EBITDA to be lower than 3 on a rolling twelve month (RTM) basis.

Indebtedness must be chiefly related to acquisitions and kept at a level that preserves the Group’s long-term credit rating.