A word from the acting CEO

In a world undergoing a digital revolution, a social revolution is taking place in parallel. While it’s true that people today have never been more connected, there has also never been greater interest in experiences that fill our lives with meaning. Today, the consumption of experiences in society is driven largely by a need for events – both real and virtual – that move us emotionally and which provide lasting memories worthy of sharing with others.

As a result of this trend, there is increasing pressure on operators in the experience industry, where the winners are those who create experiences that truly move people. There is no room for run-of-the-mill mediocrity. The experience industry is growing by 5-10 per cent annually and as such is a growth industry with great opportunities for both entrepreneurs and established operators.

Moment Group has operated in the industry for more than 30 years and is one of the drivers behind the consolidation and professionalisation of the experience industry. Today, we have annual sales of SEK 1 billion, and in the light of our position as the listed operator, our goal is to be No 1 in the experience industry.

Otto Drakenberg
acting CEO &